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What to expect

Pilates is a full body workout that will transform your body from the inside out.


Reformer pilates is a unique, challenging, low impact, workout that sculpts the finer muscles using the fundamentals of pilates but with a Reformer machine that uses springs and ropes to effectively target and improve flexibility, strength, posture, and functional movement.


Reformer pilates offers a range of benefits:

  • targeting muscles, you never thought existed

  • offering the full body workout, by targeting individual muscles within the body

  • low impact, allowing gentle workouts on the joints and body

  • perfect for every shape, size, or fitness level


Whether you are looking to add that bit of extra to your workout routine, build strength, improve flexibility and balance, recovering from an injury, pregnant or starting from scratch, reformer pilates is a fantastic way to challenge your mind and body.  Our reformer classes can be adjusted to our clients’ abilities, while offering challenges and progression.

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